Steamulation Xpansion Mini Carbon Black Matt 30cm

The Steamulation Xpansion Mini is the absolute high-end product in its class and a leader in both its features and quality!

With the SteamClick 360, Steamulation has revolutionized the screw cap that was common at the time! Now the next revolution is coming! The conventional plug-in shisha system is revolutionized with the Xpansion technology. With ordinary plug-in shishas, ​​the base and the bowl are often either very tightly or very loosely connected to each other with a seal. Since each bowl is slightly different, the base and glass bowl almost never fit together perfectly! This is changing with the Steamulation Xpansion technology. The seal can easily be enlarged or reduced by turning the Xpansion ring. She expands! The seal adapts perfectly to every glass!


Note: Is not include tobacco head, silicone hose