DUM Shisha Majesty Wood SS18 Gold 56cm

The Dum Majesty Wood as its name suggests is a majestic shisha, made of glass, noble wood and stainless steel. Completely delivered, this ready-to-use hookah will seduce you with its sleek design and the perfect balance of the materials used.

Its exotic wood coming straight from Eastern countries has been selected for its quality, in fact it is recognized for its resistance and hardness in order to meet atypical and individual needs at an unbeatable price.

The Dum Majesty Wood has a wooden column with a full ring, an essential technical feature for an optimal session, it allows a total and fluid purge in the vase throughout the session.

The SS18 benefits from a quick “click” locking system, which allows you to mount the body of your shisha on the vase in a short movement.

The Dum Majesty Wood is delivered complete.